Tray Tuner


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Currently the downloads can be found here.



  • Extract zip file
  • Copy the Tray Tuner application into the Applications folder
  • Double-click to open. Because the app is not signed (requires $99/year which I haven't committed to yet), you should receive a warning that this cannot be opened.
  • Go to Systems Preferences --> Security & Privacy --> and click "Open Anyway"


  • Extract zip file
  • Double-click TrayTuner.exe to open.


  • Extract zip file
  • Run the executable. For example ./Tray Tuner in a terminal.


Controlling Music

Pausing/playing can be done by:

  • Clicking the tray icon
  • Clicking the pause/play icon in the Application UI
  • With a keyboard shortcut (see below)

Keyboard Shortcuts

Pause/play: Ctrl + Alt + Shift + Z

Bring the app into focus: Ctrl + Alt + Shift + W

Play one of the built-in random streams: Ctrl + Alt + Shift + R

Addding Audio Source

To add an audio stream click the "Edit" button and enter a URL in the dialog box. This URL is saved and will be loaded whenever you start the application.

Tray Tuner comes with the three radio streams which can be cycled through by clicking the "Random" button.

Hide in Dock

Click the chevon button at the bottom of the application to toggle the Settings drawer. Inside this expanded drawer, click the checkbox "Hide in Dock" to hide the item in your in Dock (macOS only).


Want to suggest a feature/report a bug? Head over to our GitHub and open an issue!

Tray Tuner is developed by Tim Rybicki.